Sarah Osaragi



“The world is full of massive things in motion. Little creatures get hurt.”


Sarah was always a breath of fresh air in the morning. She had a beaming smile and a warmth that attracted people to her like moths to light. She was the wildflower sweetheart growing up in the small southern town of Tifton, Georgia. She was full of big dreams. She wanted to get her degree, she wanted to travel the world, she wanted to be someone, and Sarah looked to be on a fast track to do just that.

She was valedictorian of her graduating class. She went to college out in California and got a business degree – and then she decided to take a few years to travel the world and get life experience before settling. She joined a cruise line that traveled along the western coast of America. She’d worked it for months. Her calls home and to friends regularly gushed about people she’d met, sights she’d seen, just the beauty inspiring her. She’d traveled up and down the coast a few times over the summer and was actually on her last journey for the winter – one last trip to Anchorage before she’d be flying home to stop in for a few weeks before a trip to South America.

But at some point, Sarah disappeared. It wasn’t odd at first – sometimes internet connection and cell reception is shoddy out where the cruises go. After a week, though, Sarah’s mom contacted the cruise line and learned that Sarah had disembarked at Whittier – saying she’d hitch a ride up to Anchorage to catch her flight. She was over 18, and her contract was ending with the company – they had no reason to keep further tabs with her. A call to police didn’t help. There was no sign of foul play. Adults were allowed to leave if they wanted.

Sarah’s family and friends knew, though, that Sarah would never just cut off all contact. She wasn’t the type. To them it was obvious: Sarah just vanished into thin air the moment she stepped off that cruise ship.



Visible Information

  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown-Black
  • Height: 5’4"
  • Build: Slender
  • Distinguishing Features: Mixed race

“you arrive
at the place
it is not what you want
but it is what you chase
so you don’t
have to hold
all of the candles
that burn on their own
you will steal
all the smells
that cut through your nose and inside on your cells
when it’s time
to escape
you realize you’ve waited until it’s too late.”

  • Sarah by Kate Miller-Heidke

“I turned around to Sarah
Couldn’t see her anywhere
As safe as safe can be
Oh Sarah, I didn’t mean to let you down
But you left me on my own, Sarah
Why didn’t you scream?”

  • Virgin by Manchester Orchestra

“I’m gone
You tried to emphasize and
side with both your ghosts
In time I swore I’d take
the straight and narrow path but still won’t
I hold his ear I’m only trying to do my job tonight
Kiss him on top his lips and crucify the fire.”


Sarah Osaragi

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