Day 1
Mundane Mundanity

The team of four has a really hard time trying to get to Whittier, getting inconvenienced enough that they end up not being able to make it to the tunnel before it closes.

A few things that happened:

  • Their luggage from their plane was rerouted to Montana.
  • The song Sarah began to play over the radio once it was changed.
  • One of them was told to check out “Humpy’s” for Sarah.
  • An attractive man named Slannen offered to take one of them home.
  • A man was badly assaulted in a nearby alley and got his jaw and nose savagely broken.
  • One of them learned that Sarah’s flight was confirmed to be a week ago – she just never showed up.
  • Two missing persons cases popped up for the area they were in – though neither seemed Sarah-esque.

But they slept and made their way to Whittier the next morning. :)


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