Colt Frost

The Heartbroken


“Love is like falling on a sword. It’s a grand gesture but hurts like Hell.”


Colt was the party. He may not have been smart, but he was sure a lot of fun. He always seemed to smile when he was with Sarah. He was a party boy almost professionally. He wanted to live each moment like it was his last, lost in the bliss with his beloved.

Sadly, all things have to come to an end. Sarah had bigger plans than just San Diego. It seemed to be on mostly good terms, but anyone could see he continued to moon after her for some time to come. They kept in some contact over the years, mostly on his part. The biggest mistake she ever made, if you asked her mother.

That’s exactly why she called Colt. He knew Sarah. He would go to the ends of the Earth for the girl, and her mom knew that. When Sarah didn’t take any calls, Colt hopped a plane to head on up to Alaska. No need to hesitate and no real connections to keep him back there.



Visible Information

  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Dyed White, Brown Naturally
  • Height: 5’7"
  • Build: Lean
  • Distinguishing Features: That dye-job

“Under your spell again.
I can’t say no to you.
Crave my heart and it’s bleeding in your hand.
I can’t say no to you.”

“When it all comes crashing down
And it’s winter all year round
And the sky is fire red
And the world is
Just a shelter underground
When there’s nothing left to lose
And the lost cannot be found
I’ll find you”

“And just fake it if you’re out of direction
Fake it if you don’t belong here
Fake it if you feel like affection
Woah you’re such a fucking hypocrite”


Colt Frost

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